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Star Wars Summer Camp 2020

From Princess Lea and Darth Vader to Jar Jar Binks and Hans Solo, there are so many reasons why Star Wars has earned a well-deserved place in millions of viewers’ hearts throughout the years. One aspect of this box office hit that has really solidified the love affair is the music. Hummed, strummed, and spoofed from every angle, the 31-part score is a household tune, and we’ve got a pretty good idea why. I mean Harrison Ford, Mr. Solo himself, said he felt “blessed” when he listened to the new soundtrack from the latest movie “The Force Awakens“.

So, here are 3 reasons you’re most likely to pick a score from the Star Wars soundtrack as your next piece to learn this year.

#1 Flawlessly Paired

Music sets the stage. When a soundtrack turns ominous, you know something bad is about to happen. Music makes love scenes more romantic and touching moments more emotional. Incongruous musical match-ups, though, are jarring and create dissonance between the viewer and the movie/scene. The Star Wars score is so impressive because of how timely and on-target each cord is. Every pitch, every sound, is perfectly matched to fit the exact moment, action, or expression on the screen. It’s a symphony of sight and sound.

One example of this is clearly seen in the small but significant change that George Lucas made when he cut a piece of Luke’s theme song from the closing moments of the scene where Skywalker tries to convince Vader to return to the light. This tiny excerpt shows the genius that was used to pair each moment of the movie with the music that would compliment it perfectly.

When learning how to play an instrument, striking the perfect harmony within your performance is half the battle. Star Wars takes that difficulty off the table, leaving you alone to enjoy the exciting challenge of learning the chords.

#2 Composer Magic

Throughout history, there have been great works of music that moved people beyond the simple keys. From Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, brilliant composers worked to reach their audiences on a whole new level with their musical genius. John Williams is one of those rare virtuosos who did just that in modern times. Simply put, according to director J.J. Abrams, “he writes feelings… and knows how to make your heart soar like no one else”

Williams brings in a cornucopia of instruments and leitmotif practically unheard of in the movie industry, and he pairs them sublimely. Combining exactly the right notes, instruments, and chords, Williams crafts a masterpiece that touches the heart and penetrates the soul. Think this is too melodramatic? Remember that the next time you catch yourself humming the opening sequence in the shower!

New players will find the combination intriguing, and veteran musicians will embrace the magic within these musical sheets.

#3 Variety is The Spice

Variety truly is the spice of life. Like paprika spices up your chicken and the right accessory makes an ordinary outfit pop, variety takes a boring activity and makes it more than it ever was before. That’s what makes the Star Wars songs so attractive to instrument-toters new and old. Learning the same pieces time and again drains the passion you had for playing an instrument. Not so with Star Wars; there’s something for everyone, and it’s always changing, creating a constant challenge for you to overcome. From fast and furious to gentle and subtle, even the most accomplished guitar player, pianist, or bassist will find something enjoyable when belting out these pieces.

When you learn to play an instrument, you need to keep it enjoyable!
Star Wars Summer Camp- 7 Notes​​
June 15-26.
Our summer camps are open to kids ages 8 & up-12.
For more information about STEAM Summer Camp for your child, call us at 972.335.5112