Kindermusik Babies
Newborn to 18 mths

Kindermusik Toddlers
18 mths to 3 ½ yrs

Kindermusik Preschoolers
3 to 5 yrs

Yamaha Music Wonderland
3 to 5 yrs

Yamaha Junior Music Course
4 to 5 yrs

Yamaha Young Musicians Course
6 to 8 yrs

Summer Camp: Music & LEGO
  • Sing
    Children can sing with expression in accurate tempo, rhythm, and pitch.
  • Play
    Children become familiar with a keyboard and acquire skills in musical expression as well as the ability to play with both hands.
  • Listen
    Children learn by listening to music.
  • Create
    Children learn how wonderful it is to create something and to express themselves through music.